In the early years of the Internet, websites were hosted on a dedicated server within a geographically-centered data center to serve visitors within your immediate area. As the Web began to grow, and its reach extended into every corner of the globe, the need for dynamic global performance simultaneously increased. Now, the modern website may be accessed by users thousands of miles away. In an attempt to enhance website performance, and providing a stable environment for all users, network administrators must shift their focus from regional to international.

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to increase website response time and monitor the functionality of an entire enterprise, is to implement a CDN solution. CDN, which stands for Content Delivery Network, reduces the physical length between the requesting server and responding server.

Why Does My Website Need a CDN Solution?

It seems as soon as you become accustomed to one monitoring and performance solution, a new offering breaks the horizon. While you may feel your current website monitoring solution is capable of ensuring a high-quality experience for all users, if your visitors are from across the globe, their experience is much different than a user in your own country.

The bottom line: your website requires a CDN solution to maintain the highest level of performance and functionality while simultaneously enhancing the effectiveness of your monitoring solution.

Every network administrator desires a stable, high-performance enterprise. Although standard website monitoring software provides insights and management over the various physical and virtual network components, these solutions are only so effective in providing your international visitors the highest level of functionality.

Protect From Downtime

The biggest factor concerning the popularity of your website is its availability. If a visitor attempts to access your site, and it’s either down or moving at a snail-pace, the likelihood of this visitor accessing your site at a later date is significantly reduced. However, with a CDN solution (combined with an effective monitoring suite), visitors are re-directed to literally thousands of independent servers, which have access to your website content. Therefore, if one server is down, visitors are directed to an operational server, which may even be closer to their requesting server.

Ultimately, a CDN solution works alongside your website monitoring software to provide users with consistent performance and functionality. When you combine a stable website monitoring solution with an effective CDN, you’re ensuring all visitors of your site receive the highest performance and most stable environment possible, which may directly influence visitor conversions and brand reputation.