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Explore Enhanced Performance With CDN Monitoring

Posted on 28 January, 2015 in Applications and Development, CDN Monitoring, Web Applications Monitoring, Website Performance Enhancement


In the early years of the Internet, websites were hosted on a dedicated server within a geographically-centered data center to serve visitors within your immediate area. As the Web began to grow, and its reach extended into every corner of the globe, the need for dynamic global performance simultaneously increased. Now, the modern website may be accessed by users thousands of miles away. In an attempt to enhance website performance, and providing a stable environment for all users, network administrators must shift their focus from regional to international.

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to increase website response time and monitor the functionality of an entire enterprise, is to implement a CDN solution. CDN, which stands for Content Delivery Network, reduces the physical length between the requesting server and responding server.

Why Does My Website Need a CDN Solution?

It seems as soon as you become accustomed to one monitoring and performance solution, a new offering breaks the horizon. While you may feel your current website monitoring solution is capable of ensuring a high-quality experience for all users, if your visitors are from across the globe, their experience is much different than a user in your own country.

The bottom line: your website requires a CDN solution to maintain the highest level of performance and functionality while simultaneously enhancing the effectiveness of your monitoring solution.

Every network administrator desires a stable, high-performance enterprise. Although standard website monitoring software provides insights and management over the various physical and virtual network components, these solutions are only so effective in providing your international visitors the highest level of functionality.

Protect From Downtime

The biggest factor concerning the popularity of your website is its availability. If a visitor attempts to access your site, and it’s either down or moving at a snail-pace, the likelihood of this visitor accessing your site at a later date is significantly reduced. However, with a CDN solution (combined with an effective monitoring suite), visitors are re-directed to literally thousands of independent servers, which have access to your website content. Therefore, if one server is down, visitors are directed to an operational server, which may even be closer to their requesting server.

Ultimately, a CDN solution works alongside your website monitoring software to provide users with consistent performance and functionality. When you combine a stable website monitoring solution with an effective CDN, you’re ensuring all visitors of your site receive the highest performance and most stable environment possible, which may directly influence visitor conversions and brand reputation.

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Is There an Effective Way to Mitigate Downtime on an Enterprise Level?

Posted on 24 January, 2015 in Applications and Development, Web Applications Monitoring, Website Performance Enhancement


The concept of website monitoring is nothing new in the modern digital realm. Website administrators of large and small enterprises understand performance and reliability are two of the most important factors when it comes to building a quality reputation and increasing rank in search engine results. However, when it comes to actually choosing a monitoring tool for your enterprise, you must choose one that you not only trust, but also one that offers the ideal level of service for your unique website. Websites are not all created equal, therefore, monitoring solutions are also just as unique in its technologies and offerings.

When you’re in the market for a website monitoring solution, there are several elements you must look for. While the following list is considered universally important, the only way to make an educated purchasing decision is to understand your enterprise and its unique infrastructure. It’s only with this understanding you’re able to achieve the level of monitoring necessary for continual high-performance and functionality.

Select the Best Monitoring Type or Types

There are five primary website monitoring types. All of which offer a comprehensive range of metric monitoring based upon the unique infrastructure of your enterprise. Experts agree, the best approach to website monitoring is combining several types to create a holistic monitoring technique capable of integrating into even the most complex and dynamic websites. The following are the most common types of website monitoring techniques:

  • Active Website Monitoring – This form of monitoring utilizes the latest browsers to run simulated processes and actions that mimic the behavior of real visitors. Tests are executed across servers located throughout the globe to ensure all users experience the same quality experience.
  • Real User Monitoring – Real user monitoring tracks and captures data as the visitor navigates throughout your website. By capturing exact behavior and experiences, you’re able to reveal real-world performance and metrics that ensure the actual experience matches the synthetic test experiences.
  • Mobile Web Monitoring – More and more Internet users access websites through a mobile device or tablet. This level of monitoring ensures the website is optimized for a mobile experience.
  • Web API Monitoring – Many websites utilize third party application monitoring programs and elements to enhance user experiences. While these elements provide limitless opportunities, they require a unique level of monitoring only capability via this type of monitoring technique.
  • Transaction Monitoring – Modern websites utilize applications to execute a variety of critical business processes. This level of monitoring is essential for eCommerce sites or any enterprise that utilizes multi-step transactions to complete specific tasks.


Cake PHP

EveryStep AutoMation

YII FrameWork

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Common Website Issues an Application Monitoring Solution Corrects and Prevents

Posted on 23 January, 2015 in Applications and Development, Common Website Issues a Monitoring Solution Corrects and Prevents, Web Applications Monitoring


The notion of website monitoring is nothing new in the modern digital realm. Because of the wide array of features, page elements and third party content, the need for effective monitoring solutions has never been greater. While you may be familiar with this topic, are you truly aware how this simple tool can correct and prevent critical issues? In order to help solidify your decision to implement a powerful monitoring tool, take a few minutes to review the most common website issues these solutions are capable of protecting against.

Hardware Error Recognition

In the realm of modern digital enterprises, the greatest sites are those that don’t merely correct issues, but isolate errors before it has a chance to alter website performance or functionality. Your website infrastructure requires consistent review and monitoring. When implemented, a website monitoring solution is capable of isolating the performance and health of hardware components.

The most effective website monitoring solutions are those capable of providing you with historical reports and detailed monitoring of all your vital website components. By analyzing these network components, you’re given direct access into usage trends, which helps determine the current and future health of your entire enterprise. It’s with this information you’re able to identify potential errors, and implement a fix before the error actually occurs.

Security Threats

Did you know one of the most effective ways to protect your enterprise from malicious attacks is not through an anti-virus software, but rather via website monitoring solutions? The most effective monitoring solutions are able to identify irregularities in website performance and requests. Based upon usage trends and historical data, the monitoring tool identifies irregular activity and sends immediate reports. Much like internal errors, the sooner you identify a potential security threat, the sooner a barrier can be constructed.

Specific Page Performance Issues

The problem with some web application monitoring suites is how they identify page performance issues. While your primary landing page may be fully operational with fast loading times, various sub-pages may be affected with errors that significantly reduce performance. If you were to only check the general availability of your primary pages, you may be missing critical errors in non-primary pages. The most effective website monitoring solutions are those capable of monitoring the metrics for individual pages. It’s only when your entire website is monitored that you’re able to achieve the highest level of system-wide performance. This is imperative if you’re selling products or services. Visitors are far less likely to do business with a selected high-performance site. In order to maintain the highest satisfaction among visitors, every page in an enterprise must feature uniform performance and stability.

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How Website Monitoring Solutions May Be Able To Protect Your Brand

Posted on 15 January, 2015 in Applications and Development, Programming and Coding, Web Applications Monitoring, Website Performance Enhancement


Throughout the past several years, the digital realm has transformed into a highly competitive market. Whether your website is geared toward informing readers or selling a product or service, the performance and functionality of your website directly influence not only traffic, but also your brand reputation. Perhaps one of the most common mistakes made in the digital realm is creating a visually stunning website without supporting this design with a well-appointed website monitoring solution.

Safeguard Your Reputation Through Stablility and Reliability

Poor website performance and unreliable stability not only reduces your website ranking in search engines, but it if these errors and issues are not swiftly addressed, its poor performance can cause irreversible damage to your brand. In fact, over half of all Internet users have stated they will leave a website if its loading time takes too long, and many of these users will avoid accessing your site in the future.

Therefore, in an attempt to keep your website competitive and attractive to visitors, you must take time to ensure the entire infrastructure operates at optimum performance and stability levels. While there are many ways to accomplish this goal, the most effective and proactive is through website monitoring solutions.

Global Performance and Availability Monitoring

Regardless of where your website is based, the Internet has grown to attract a global audience. Even the smallest of websites commonly see overseas traffic. In order to protect your global brand, and promote growth among all nations, you must ensure your site meets performance and stability standards from all points throughout the world. Website monitoring solutions can test the availability and performance of your site from multiple locations throughout the world. This is imperative for all sites; however, it’s beyond essential for eCommerce enterprises.

Instant Error Alerts

There’s no such thing as a perfect website. While the visual design may be intuitive and brilliant, the inner workings of modern enterprises feature complex components, which are bound to break or malfunction. Although you cannot prevent these unforeseen errors, you can bounce back before it has an opportunity to disrupt user experiences. Website monitoring solutions are capable of delivering instant error alerts the moment an error or issue is noticed. This is among the most proactive ways to protect your digital brand, as administrator’s may implement a correction or fix the moment an error is identified. In some instances, the monitoring tool can automatically correct minor issues or run advanced-level diagnostic tests to identify the root cause for swifter correction.

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